Thursday, February 08, 2007

The point of all this.

Back in October 1998, before the term "blog" had become mainstream, I created a "News" section on my web-page. The purpose was to keep friends up-to-date as to what I was doing. It served me well with frequent updates until February 2005. Then I stopped, and took it all down.

I was about to turn 29, just a year away from 30. I had an overwhelming desire to deconstruct myself, my life, and my outlook. The results were more grim than I had hoped:

  1. I had worked for the same company (ignoring a name change from a corporate take-over) for 6 years and hit a glass ceiling. My team mates (who hit the same ceiling) had found better jobs else-where; why hadn't I even tried?

  2. My dreams of being in the game industry were still just dreams. I had done nothing to pursue a game development job other than a short stint leading the Open Source Zelda project.

  3. I had no idea what I wanted in terms of a significant other; and had just recently damaged a friendship by selfishly acting on my own immediate needs without listening to my inner voice.

...the list goes on but those were some highlights.

So I blew away my web-site's blog and photos. Then I proceeded to destroy all evidence of who I was on the net, short of canceling accounts. (I knew that someday I would most likely repopulate my MySpace and other online profiles.)

All this to say I'm now 30, and working towards new goals. None of my issues in February 2005 still apply to me today; they are done and a whole new handful are on my plate.

As I face these issues, I'll update this blag. Expect to frequently be reading about Christianity, coding, techno, and of course geekdom. And as of this post, you are one of the few people to even know this corner of the internet exists, at least according to my Google Analytics:

So enjoy the time we have together here, before everyone learns that Tronster (and not Tronster) has a blog again.


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