Thursday, February 01, 2007

In which way to spread the Word?

A question I have been asking myself since late 2005...

"God, with all the gifts and talents you have given me... what's the best manner in which I can tell people about how awesome You are, and your message of love and forgiveness for the world?"

In 2002 it was easy. With a bunch of talented friends, we started throwing Christian Raves, and I even spearheaded the group Ictus Ichthus Productions. But back then I was short sighted and wanted to ramp up to monster 1000, 2000, or 5000 people raves... all about worshiping Christ instead of the DJ. Looking back I realized these events, while small in attendance (I think 130 was the biggest # we pulled in), were huge in terms of impact on peoples' lives. The bonding between the DJs, other Christian Dance promoters, and myself has established many friendships I still cherish today. I still receive e-mail from random people who attended our events thanking us for providing a way they could worship God that was relevant to them.

If we had persisted, we may have grown larger but eventually the drive was no longer there. In prayer I didn't have a sense that this was where I was to continue to place my energies. And so the last event was in 2004.

Around the same time I had become increasingly involved with my church community, Horizon Church of Towson. Eventually co-leading a "Link Group" (small discussion group), and even started preaching on Sunday mornings. I loved doing this, and in early 2006 had quit my computer programming job of 7 years to decide if this was where God wanted me to spend my time and talents. By the middle of that year my depleted savings were a good sign that I needed to do something for an income, as just the possibility of a staff position at my church wouldn't be viable in the budget until 2007. So I went back to the computer world, but at the same time started to pursue a dream of mine since 3rd grade.

It's February 2007, and I have been doing consulting for a little over half a year. I love the projects I am working on, but even more I am enjoying the thought of getting my own game development company up and running. All the legal, and most of the business work, is completed; leaving the small task of creating a prototype for the world changing game development system. I feel I've been dragging my feet though, because of this one question of what does God want me to do?

Doors have been opening (in a surprisingly large number) for my game company endeavors. I also am finding peace in something Rick Faint, a successful CEO, told me over breakfast one morning: it's that we are in the position of being pastors to our company, and have the power to influence the culture around it. I've heard others (non CEOs) speculate this possibility before, but as he's actual done this (multiple times) there is more weight to his words.

So by blagging this, and seeing my history unfold in my own words, I am affirmed that I'm making the right decision in spending time to get Geek House Games, up and running. If you know someone with VC or Angel funding ties, please help connect me with them.

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