Thursday, July 11, 2013

Accurate "Red Cave" lyrics by Yeasayer

One of the most amazing songs I've been listening to recently is "Red Cave" by Yeasayer.

But I've found every single lyric site on the internet has inaccurate words, and the official Yeasayer web-site is devoid of lyrics.

Between the album version and live versions on YouTube, I derived the following:

(part 1)

I went out past the willow and the well
Caught my breath upon the hill
At the edge of her domain

And I went down
And further
And when I got up,
I'm at the red cave

And with that sound
As if I had been put under a spell
She led me to her whirlpool
Warm despite a winter's day

(part 2)

Mary's house in the hollow of the
White hazel rapid whirlpool
And the church of her red cave

(part 3)

I'm so blessed to
Have spent that time
With my family and the friends
I love with my short life I have met
So many people I deeply care for

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