Sunday, March 29, 2009

GDC'09 Recap

Last week was the annual Game Developer's Conference in San Francisco. I paid for my own way working as a Conference Associate (CA); Firaxis was nice enough to let me attend the conference for the week. Already details from the week are sliding away from me, thank goodness for photos, twitter, and friends with better memories.

Highlights of the conference were:
  • Attending Epic's tech semi-private tech talk on upcoming Unreal 3 features

  • Attending my first Sony party

  • Participating in the first FlashSIG meeting

  • Hanging out with old CA friends during the night

  • Seeing many familiar faces from Baltimore make the journey too.

  • Helping the flight attendents hand out food on the trip home.

Proposed improvements:
  • Adobe having Flash representatives at the conference.

  • More techno at parties. (Sony was banging... and it has live techno.)

  • Bringing back suite night.

I'm now evaluating a plan to get the photos up on the web. Once they go up, so will all my previous photos too.

EDIT: GDC'09 photos are up on Picasa.

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