Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Kevin McCormick / Frostbyte dead

I wasn't going to touch this blog. I was eventually going to setup my own offline, sync based blog on my web-site, A few days ago the server "sub-zero" that was hosting my web-site went down. It went down hard; no DNS, no pings, etc... I figured it would fix itself in a day.

After a few days I thought about contacting Kevin (aka: frostbyte), my best friend in high school. He admin's the server, and I know he has a ton of other people who depend on it for web, e-mail, etc... I never got around to it and figured I'd call him tonight.

Before I left work I talked with a reporter at the "Boston Globe". She contacted me through MySpace asking me to call her regarding frostbyte. I did and asked her how he was doing...

"frostbyte is dead," was her reply.

I don't know what to make of this. I haven't cried (yet) but have come close. I'm in disbelief, anger, disbelief, and acceptance. It all keeps washing over me. I was told by the reporter he had died of a drug overdose (E) which doesn't surprise me but still hurts. I had hoped Kevin would realize how stupid he was doing drugs; Just like in middle and high school I want to work through the logic and show him how I was right in this situation ... I don't want to be right; I want Kevin to be alive.

His grandmother called me this evening and told me a service is happening at MIT on Saturday (11/19). I've got to make arrangements to be up there.

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Bats said...

Tronster--just to confirm you have the full info:

Frostbyte Memorial

A memorial service will be held on Saturday Nov. 19th at 1pm at the MIT Chapel. The Chapel will open at 11:30am if you wish to deliver flowers ahead of time.

-Bats (i.e., the Bats22 blog that you commented on)